Matthew Miller

Matthew Miller stands above the pyramids of Machu Picchu, the most familiar icon of Inca civilization, located in Peru.

Matthew Miller was a pharmacist and resident of Oreland, Pa. who traveled to over 70 countries around the globe before succumbing to Lou Gehrig’s Disease in 2012. During his travels, many of which he made with his mother, Joan, Miller would assimilate himself into the local culture for weeks or even months at a time in order to have a genuine experience. He also took his camera along, photographing the people and places he came across.

After his death, one of of his best friends, Robert Fetterman, and his son Ryan created the Matthew Miller Foundation ( in his honor. The foundation sells high-quality prints of Miller’s photography, with 100 percent of the proceeds going to Panthera, a favorite nonprofit of Miller’s that  fights to save “big cats” around the world.

Click here, or on the PDF below to read a story I wrote about Miller for the January 2014 issue of Chestnut Hill & Lafayette Hill Life, a community magazine that covers the area near where Miller lived while in the states. Below are more photographs from Miller’s travels.


4-AN0003_-_Gentoo_Penguins-MMF_good 12-ASN0001_-_Beautiful_Napalese_Girl-MMF

13-OCB0002_-_Bora_-_Island_from_an_Island-MMF_good IMG_6033


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